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UK Pension review & SIPP

Transferring your UK pension to a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) offers many advantages  to expats, of which paramount is the flexibility and control over pension savings and how they are invested.

 This equates to a wider range of investment options including stocks, bonds & property.  There’s also potential reduction of tax liabilities, as well as saving on fees from having your  pensions and investments consolidated.

The first step in the process is checking you are eligible, by performing a Pension review, and in many cases, a National Insurance Contributions review. We handle the whole process, taking away any stress and headache for you.

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Pension review

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After meeting to get the information we need to review your pension, we usually have results back in a week

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If you are eligible, we can make the process of transferring to a UK govt. approved SIPP, completely stress-free.

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We are on hand to offer unbiased advice on how to take most advantage of your funds and offshore banking.

You have greater control over how your money is invested with a SIPP. You can choose the investments that suit your risk appetite, time horizon, and retirement goals. You can also switch your investments when you want, without paying any penalties. 

If you want your retirement income to match your financial needs, a SIPP is a good option. A SIPP offers flexibility whether you need a regular income, irregular payments, or lump sums. A UK Defined Benefits scheme only provides a fixed income through an annuity which may not be suitable for you.

You can choose when to retire based on your needs, as long as you are at least 55 years old, giving ives you more flexibility than most UK Company Pension schemes, with a retirement age of 60 – 65 years.

You can pass on some of your wealth without paying inheritance tax. If you die before the age of 75, your beneficiaries can inherit your SIPP tax-free.

 Although cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor, SIPP charges are generally  less than other investment schemes & plans such as QROPS.

Consolidating your previous pensions into one account makes it easier and more efficient to manage and monitor your pension fund. You can also make strategic changes to your pension fund to take advantage of future growth opportunities.

SIPPs explained

A SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) is a type of pension that gives you more control and flexibility over your retirement savings. You can choose from a wide range of investments, such as stocks, funds, bonds, property, and more. You can also benefit from tax relief on your contributions and tax-free growth on your investments.

By investing in different types of assets, such as shares, investment funds, exchange-traded funds, and commercial property, in different markets, sectors, regions, and currencies, you diversify your portfolio and reduce your risk

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