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Life as an expat can be unpredictable and full of surprises, both good and bad. That’s why planning ahead is essential, and life insurance should be part of your overall financial plan for your families security, so your spouse and children can cope financially without you, 

With a small investment, life insurance can help protect your family from such a loss and ensure that they are not left with the financial burden of losing the main earner. Life insurance can also help you with estate planning, by allowing you to structure your policy so that the benefits go to your beneficiaries in a tax-efficient way. This can help maintain their living standards as well as pay off any outstanding debts and liabilities.

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Life insurance is crucial for protecting you and your family while living abroad. It can covers debts, medical expenses, and provides peace of mind, so you can enjoy your expat life with confidence.

All our policies are re-insured by global industry leaders, Swiss Re, and Reinsurance Group of America.  This combined with 24 hour international assistance, bereavement counselling,  and mortal remain repatriation, gives our clients complete piece of mind. 

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Our policies can follow the insured areound the globe, wherever their life journey takes them

Wherever you are in the world your policy is valid, and we are on hand to offer assistance at anytime

To alleviate additional stress, at an already very difficult time we provide upfront psyments

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